~~socks and his son blue~~
~~do you believe?~~
~~a day in the park~~
~~there are those who say destiny is yours for the asking. . .and then there are those who live their destiny~~
To WhiteDove,
Many years ago, an Inuit man I met on the British Columbia Coast gave me a Whale tooth.  I stashed it away for years.  Then I met a Mescalero Apache carver.  He ended up with the Whale tooth.  Years later, the carver came to my house and gave me this, as he called it " WhiteDove."  It was made from the Whale ivory!  I had this carving for years and then my daughter came along and wore it for a long time.  The string started to break so I put it up somewhere???  My daughter and I were cleaning out three boxes of doll stuff that was stashed away a few years ago and low and behold, there was the
. . . .WOW!
~~eye of the storm~~
~~I see my house~~