~~silent tears~~
The fire is dancing tonight and the
winds are talking
Dancers from past lives enter the circle
Leading me back and forth through
the history of myself
My mind searches as the spirit dances
The drums...dancing to the heartbeat
Memories of long ago insights to the future
I hear the winds whispering in my dreams
I see Sugmanitu Tanka (the wolf)
my guide, my Spirit Totem
He shows me the ancestors, not mine
They are not Navajo, Apache or Lakota
But they are all Nations, one Nation
Speaking with wisdom to share with each other
Yesterdays create todays and promises of tomorrow
My dreams will not fade with the smoke
And the whispers of the winds are clear and loud
And we shall again all see the return of the Buffalo
~~traveling. . .on my way to Reno. . .one of many trips and many more to come~~
~~crater lake~~
~~groucho makes me laugh--what a face~~
~~jacq & jill. . .my precious~~
~~jazmen my devoted friend. . .how I miss you~~
~~a few seasons ago, I  explored the grand valley of Yosemite. It was very cold at night but the days were unforgettably inspiring~~